Author April Nicole

APRIL NICOLE is a media personality, blogger, mentor and single mother of two. When she is not co hosting her radio show- THE HUSH LOUNGE or hosting a star-studded event she is updating the world with her latest blog posts that are popularly known for inspiring others and sparking controversy. As an aspiring author April Nicole has introduced her “Aromas” series. The thought provoking topic poses the question “Ladies, what is your distinctive scent to the male species?” Such characters as “Bonita-I-Attract-All-The-Bums” have left audiences in suspense and taking a self-assessment as to what their own scent is and how they can take steps to change who they attract. Her passion for people is relentless and her purpose is to tackle every issue that the human race faces and struggles with until it is addressed and ultimately resolved. Her life experiences have driven her to share her story and reach out to others in hopes that she may inspire and assist them with today's battle of survival. Now deemed "The go-to girl for all things woman", April Nicole is dedicated to her movement: You...T R A N S F O R M E D Follow April Nicole: IG: @therealaprilnicole Twitter: @_spiceolfyfe DOWNLOAD THE APP: Android: Spyce of Lyfe iPhone: Spice of Lyfe For Booking: