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Being Vulnerable in Relationships

I hate love because it can leave you vulnerable to the wrong person. Love does not give you an option on who to love or how much you can love. Love can destroy you and leave you abandon for years with your heart split in half. How do we show vulnerability in a relationship that will leave us a bitter taste in your mouth.

1. Why be in a relationship with no type of commitment? My meaning behind this is we try to force a person to love us because we love them. If the person, does not feel the same then you have to either let them go. We tend to believe they will eventually come around or will change. My motto is people change because they want to or over something dramatic.

2. Rushing a relationship when someone is not ready. Being in a fully committed relationship takes a lot more than sex and date night. A relationship is more of a partnership to keep each other happy. You have to communicate about your wants and needs in a relationship.

3. Telling your whole life story. When a person gives up who they really are people can manipulate your needs in a relationship. They can make you think they are a certain way and can be the total opposite. First question in a conversation is, “what kind of person you looking for?” To me your telling them exactly what you want in a person. People take advantage of the situation and pretend to be that person until they get what they want.

4. Love yourself because you will not allow someone to run all over you.

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