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Chris Tucker Comments On ‘Last Friday’ Movie Possibility?

The same question has been asked for over the last decade now in regards to Ice Cube’s infamous “Friday” franchise; “Will there be a last Friday movie?” and if so “Will Chris Tucker (Smokey) be featured in the film again?” We hear the rumors all the time, one minute it’s on and the next minute it’s off, which leaves many to feel the film will more than likely NEVER happen. I mean do we still even want another Friday now since the wait has been so long? The last Friday (Friday After Next) dropped in 2002; Well speaking for myself, I can say YES!

Comedian and Movie Star Chris Tucker recently did an interview and answered the question we’ve all been asking. In fact, Tucker conceded that he had actually saw the movie on TV the other day and it still made him laugh, however he’s still unsure about revisiting the role/film. When asked Tucker responded:

“I don’t know if we can do another one”, he said. “I don’t know if I could do another one because I was so young and it was a moment in time. But, we’ll see.”

To me that’s code for “cut the check for the right amount and let’s film”. Tucker has been on record making jokes (although there was some apparent truth behind the humor) in regards to the pay he received for his role in the film. Mike Epps, who later played the role of “Day Day” in Next Friday and Friday After Next also had similar comments/jokes in regards to the pay he received as well for his role in the film, which leads you to believe there is definitely some truth to the claims.

Although Chris Tucker has been very picky with his movie selection since then (focusing on mainly “Rush Hour” movies), and it’s rumored that he’s scheduled to be doing a “Rush 4” with co-star Jackie Chan, there is still that little tiny window of opportunity that the Last Friday film can get done if Tucker and Cube can get the business side right.

Can you imagine a Last Friday movie with Smokey (Chris Tucker), Money Mike (Katt Williams), Day Day (Mike Epps), Damon (Terry Crews), Pops (John Witherspoon), Uncle Elroy (Don Curry), Pinky (Clifton Powell) and a few others? What a star studded cast that would be. Jokes all movie long LOL; Aye Cube let’s make this happen.

Check out the interview clip below of Tucker answering questions in regards to the movie: