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Fantasy Football Picks Week 2

Week 2 is here and if you went with Carson Wentz last week then you love us right about now.  We have had a chance to see each team play and make some decisions about who they are going to be but we don’t have any true trends yet so we still don’t really know who each team is now but we have a few picks that we think will help you navigate through your choices.

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Now let’s take some chances.


Quarterback – Blake Bortles, Joe Flacco Or Derek Carr

Statistically, Blake Bortles is the pick for this week.  Let’s be honest San Diego didn’t look great last week and Jacksonville has some real weapons at WR. Our staff picked Joe Flacco because they are playing Cleveland and the Browns are terrible, They got torched by a rookie Eagles QB last week. We also picked Derek Carr as a backup because they are playing the Falcons and the Falcons were torched by Jameis Winston last week. Carr should be able to get numbers.

Running Back- David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot,Spencer Ware & Rashad Jennings

David Johnson is a BEAST rushing and catching so although he’s the most expensive running back he’s worth it. We expect Ezekiel Elliot to bounce back this week, if D’Angelo Williams and the Steelers can rush for 140+ yards last week on Washington I expect Zeke to be able to do the same behind the Cowboys’ Offensive Line. Rashad Jennings may be another great choice going against a New Orleans defense that gave up the most yards last week.  You may want to take a chance on Spencer Ware from KC as well.  He may be a great backup running back that will give you room to make other decisions.

Wide Receiver – Allen Robinson, Amari Cooper, Julian Edelman

We choose Allen Robinson first. Mostly for the same reason, we say Blake Bortles is a great choice at quarterback. He’s the Jaguars primary receiver and they are playing against the Chargers whose defense is pretty much terrible. Amari Cooper and the Raider are taking on the Falcons this week and he’s the Raider’s primary receiver so he should definitely get some touches. Alshon Jeffery of Chicago playing against an Eagles defense that is still suspect to us may also work out for you.  Finally, Pittsburgh defense gave away lots of points last week in the air. That means that A.J. Green may also be a great choice.

Tight End – Julius Thomas Or Eric Ebron

Julius Thomas and the Jaguars are going against the Chargers this week; that’s self-explanatory (LOL). Eric Ebron is a sleeper pick for me. At $5500 Ebron is a tight end on the cheap end, who can be productive (on FanDuel). The Lions are still a high-volume passing team and the play the Titans this week. I also like Greg Olsen going against SF.

Kicker – Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey; He’s one of the best kickers in the game. Just like last week, the Cowboys shouldn’t have a problem moving the ball to get into field goal range so Bailey will definitely have a few this week.

Defense – Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks play the Los Angeles Rams this week. Although they are the most expensive defense this week, they should be worth it as we seen the 49ers shut out the Rams on Monday Night Football 28-0. If the 49ers can do that to them then I see no reason why the Seahawks won’t be able to do the same since there won’t be a change at QB this week.