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Jezabelle’s Baby with Author Artavius Wilson

Book Description: A sexy thrill ride that will spin your wheels! The most twisted, heinous, and passionate story to be compiled. A young lady loses her wealthy father to a brutal murder, and finds herself indulged in money and diabolical plots against her. She finds love in the mist of her tragedy. Bringing fiery passion into her life, but even her love life takes a turn which only the devil could be apart of. With her own mother out to sabotage her life, she finds all odds against her. Love, insanely passionate sex, and egregious secrets land Misty in a position that can’t be thinkable. You’ll have to ask yourself if you’re reading correctly, because the twist will blow your mind, and leave you in awe!

I sat down with Author Artavius Wilson to talk a little about the book and we had a great conversation about how he came up with the idea for the book.  In 2007 Artavius was sitting in a jail cell and he had just finished reading sister Souljah’s “The Coldest Winter Ever” when he decided to start his own writing career.  Immediately following he wrote four books.  Like most new author’s once he finished the manuscripts he started to doubt his work’s and he did not do anything with them.  It wasn’t until last year that he let one of his friends read it.  His friend was blown away by the book and assured him that this was a book worth publishing for the world to see and that’s exactly what he did.

This book is a fast paced thriller that is hard to predict and for those avid readers he has assured me that it is something different and unlike all the other stories.  The main character is a Jezabelle style chick who was scarred as a child and Artavius wanted to touch on how these girls who are scarred as a child are easily caught up in the streets.

The fact that he has 10 reviews on Amazon and they are all 5 star reviews it should assure you that this is a read worth trying.

Currently the book is $4.99 on Amazon and you can get the book by pressing the button below.


Enjoy your read.



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