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Mugen Music Presents Q&A With Los Boi Artist of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tell us a little about Los Boi and how did you come up with such a name? Is there any significance to it?

Born and raised in Tulsa, Ok in the month of August on the 19th year of 1984. Living in a stable home my mother worked hard for me and my siblings. I finished school on time moved out at the age of 17, some situations in my life made me see life in a whole other view and that’s when I turned to music. Growing up in the projects and in some of the roughest hoods in my city I had a story to tell. I came up with the name Los Boi back in high school and I chose to stick with it as my artist name. Really no significance just it represents who I am because my is Carlos.   

Who is your musical inspiration and how does your music differ from other independent recording artists?

Raised in the 80’s and into the 90’s west coast was what I listened to in my household as a kid, artist such as Snoop Dogg, Too Short, N.W.A, E-40, & Dj Quick just to name a few. They are the reason for my style of how i’m riding the beat with my lyrics and word play when I write my music. That’s part of what differs myself from other artist, I come with a different flow to every song I write and my sound is unique I have my own style that took me awhile to get down my and hard work paid off, when you stay committed to perfecting your craft.

 What is your plan for your music career? Do you plan on staying independent or looking to sign to a major label?

My plan is to just let the world know I feel what they go through and I can send a message through my music which is a blessing within itself. I would like to work with some big time artist that are out today, and to secure a foundation for my wife and kids. Ultimate goal is to travel the world and perform my music. Right now I’m signed with an indie label and as of now I want to stay independent I’ve learned a lot over the past couple of years and met important people that’s involved in the music industry. If the right opportunity presents itself from a major label I couldn’t say I wouldn’t look into it.  

What’s some of the music that you have out now that we can listen to?

I have an album out now My Redemption released December of 2015 with features from Canibus, Dj Young Gator, Tra G, & W.I.L.L Tha Big Homie. You can get it on iTunes. I have music on my personal and label sound cloud I’m always in the studio recording and dropping new tracks. The most recently out now “Who Dat Be” “Play My Position” “Streets Struggles” “Smoke Everyday” “They Hating” & “Problems” my newest one is “Key to Tha City” key to the streets remix. 

What kind of message does your music carry to your listeners?

Most of my music is about my life and what I went through growing up. It’s for them to relate to it and to get a positive vibe to make their day just a little more better. I’m versatile when it comes to writing music, it’s like art to me, I get to paint a picture of how I’m feeling and I cater from all aspect of Hip Hop. In today’s time as of now we need positive music for our youth. We as artists, we are the voice of the people.

Los Boi

Los Boi

What has been the hardest thing about being in the music industry thus far for you?                                                                                    

Has to be balancing family and music but having my wife as my biggest supporter makes it much easier to do. My kids they understand why daddy spends so much time at the studio, but at times it gets stressful and holding down a 9-5 it can be much sometimes. Dealing with hate from my city as of this moment I feel I’m the most hated in my city, most of the hate is from other artist. That I have surpass in the past year.

How has Mugen Music and Management help you advance to the next level in your career?

In one year of being on the label it has, had a major impact on my career. From opening for Scarface on his Icon Tour Lil Easy and Dj Yella, Bone Thugs at Cain’s Ballroom. Getting exposure in Kansas City, New York, Texas, and surrounding cities in my state. My stage performance has gotten better over the year and just helping me learn and understand the music game. My vision is to start my own label in the near future.       

Are you performing anywhere soon and how can we stay updated with your music journey?

My next show is coming up soon you can keep up with my shows, by following me on Facebook or by following Mugen Music and Management on Facebook as well info is posted daily and on all the other social media sites. 

Los Boi

Los Boi

Do you have any shout outs for people who have helped you get to where you are today?

I have to give thanks to the man above for blessing me with my gift. Big Thank you to my family they are my biggest supporters including my wife and kids. Big shout out to Ryan Paquette my label mates Dj Young Gator my Smash Game fam, to all the artist that support my music. My fans and supporters and to all the venues that I have worked with. My lovely mother and father for giving me life, Thanks Love 100

Where can we follow you on social media?

Facebook/Carlos losboithacomebackkid Davis

Instagram/Carlos LosBoi Davis

Twitter/LosBoi MuGen Music


Youtube/Los Boi





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