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Sugah Sweetened

Get your sweet tooth ready everyone, we have caramel in the Harem and it’s certified yummy (34-26-40 type yummy)! The beautiful Sugah Sweetened is NOT a newbie to the game (nor is she hard on the eyes). This sista has curves, beauty and sex appeal (and she does it all with a fade that’s better than yours!) . . . Love her? Good! We do too! That why you’ll be able to see more of her (much more) in the August print edition of UHM, so if you haven’t gotten your subscription already, click on the ad to get signed up and be serviced before everyone else! Enough of that though, we know what you came for . . .







Twitter: @SugahSweetened
IG: @SugahSweetened
Photos by Alex Hudson Photo
Twitter: @AlexJHudson
IG: @AlexJHudsonPhoto
 Video by D. Brown
Twitter: dbrownphotos
IG: dbrownphotos

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