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The NFL’s Top 5 Quarterbacks of 2016 (UHM Edition)

Hands down the most important position on the football field is the Quarterback position. Everything the Quarterback has to know from the playbook, audibles, reading the defense and so on makes their position the most vital to any football team. Any team that is successful, if you look at them they more than likely have a solid man behind Center running the team. There are a lot of different ways to rate quarterbacks. You can go with historical legacies, or future prospects, or the guys you’d want under center if you were building a team.

For our purposes in UHM’s positional rankings, the criteria is pretty simple, who would you want to run your team for the upcoming season, with the cast around him taken into account? With that being said, these are UHM’s Top 5 Best Quarterbacks in the game today as we head into the upcoming 2016 season.


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