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The NFL’s Top 5 Quarterbacks of 2016 (UHM Edition)

#5 Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers #1


2015 Stats: 296-496 Completions (60%) for 3,837 Yards, 35 TDs & 10 INTs (636 Rushing Yards & 10 TDs)

This may be SHOCKING to many, but coming in at #5 on this years list is the reigning MVP, Carolina Panthers Quarterback CAM NEWTON. Now I know what you’re thinking; how could someone who won the MVP award last year be so low on the list? #5 really? For Cam Newton? Well allow me to explain. I put Cam as #5 on this years list because although he’s a phenomenal athlete and football, his “quarterback skills” have room for improvement in my personal opinion. Cam has only thrown for 4,000+ yards ONE season, which was his rookie season. Every sense then Cam has failed to reach the 4,000 mark despite only missing 2 games over the past 4 seasons. I appreciate the dual-threat ability that Cam brings to the game, but as a pure passing QB I can not have him ranked above the others I have featured on this years list. I’ll gladly admit that Cam is coming off of an excellent season where he not only accounted for 45 Touchdowns and was named the league MVP and Offensive Player of the Year, He also lead his team to a 15-1 regular season record, a #1 seed in the NFC playoffs and a trip back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2003-04 against the New England Patriots. Unfortunately the Panthers came up short in their quest for the title, but look for Cam to repeat on another big year as they try to avenge last year’s Super Bowl loss. He’ll get some major help this season with the return of his #1 receiver Kelvin Benjamin who was hurt last year.

2016 Projected Stats: 312-520 Completions (60%) for 4,135 Yards, 33 TDs & 11 INTs (700+ Rushing Yards & 11 TDs)

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