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The NFL’s Top 5 Quarterbacks of 2016 (UHM Edition)

#4 Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers #7


2015 Stats: 319-469 Completions (68%) for 3,938 Yards, 21 TDs & 16 INTs (12 Games)

The man taking the #4 slot on this years list is Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback BEN ROETHLISBERGER. I struggled between putting Ben at #3 or #4 and even considered him for the #2 spot before I eventually (as I always do), looked at the stats and made a final decision. Ben runs what many consider “The Most Dangerous Offense in the NFL”, with the league’s best receiver in Antonio Brown, speedy deep-threat Martarvis Bryant (who’s suspended for the season this year) and the league’s 2nd best running back (best two-way back) Le’Veon Bell in his backfield. We’ve done all the Offensive positions for the NFL and the Steelers have a player ranked in the Top 5 in all of the vital offensive positions (#4 QB Big Ben, #1 WR Antonio Brown & #2 RB Le’Veon Bell). Although this team is full of weapons, Big Ben is what makes this team go. Without Ben the Steelers aren’t nearly as dangerous on the offensive side of the ball. Before going down to injury and missing 4 games last season Big Ben was on his way to his 3rd consecutive 4,000+ yard, 28+ touchdown season. He ended up missing 4 games last season with a knee injury, but still managed to throw for more passing yards than MVP Cam Newton, with 3,938 Yards and 21 Touchdowns. Now he did turn the ball over a little much last year with 16 INTs, but that still doesn’t take away from his productivity. Just like Cam, he’s able to take a lot of punishment from opposing defenses and he’s a true hassle to deal with. His team was one play away from making it to the AFC Championship last year, but fell short to the Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos. With Ben at full strength this season (although it’ll be without Martavis Bryant), still expect Ben to light opposing defenses up and hit that 4,000+ yard mark again.

2016 Projected Stats: 420-630 Completions (66%) for 4,590 Yards, 32 TDs & 13 INTs

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