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The NFL’s Top 5 Quarterbacks of 2016 (UHM Edition)

#3 Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints #9


2015 Stats: 428-627 Completions (68%) for 4,870 Yards, 32 TDs & 11 INTs

Coming in at #3 this year is New Orleans Saints Quarterback DREW BREES. Ol’ Reliable Drew Brees NEVER seems to disappoint. Drew was who I wrestled with putting Ben Roethlisberger over, but when you look at the stats you just can’t deny Brees the spot. I know it’s easy to overlook what Drew Brees does because the Saints haven’t been that great over the past few years, but although the team may have slowly fell off, Mr. Brees has been the most consistent thing walking in the city of New Orleans. Brees is coming off of 8, I repeat EIGHT consecutive seasons of passing for 30+ Touchdowns; Brees has also thrown for 4,300+ yards in 10, yes let me repeat that again, TEN consecutive seasons all with the New Orleans Saints. Last season Drew Brees finished 1st in passing yards with 4,870, top 10 in Touchdowns with 32, 2nd in yards per game with 324.7, 2nd in total completions with 428 (behind Philip Rivers), 2nd in completion percentage 68% (behind Kirk Cousins 69%) and top 10 (6th overall) in QBR (Quarterback Rating). He’s extremely durable and dependable missing only 2 games over the past 11 seasons and he’s the ultimate leader. When you go over everything that Drew Brees does for the New Orleans Saints and his consistent production every year it makes it hard to argue why he wouldn’t be #1 on this QB list, but, the one flaw that unfortunately holds him back for me personally is the success of his team. The QBs at #1 & #2 have their teams in the playoffs EVERY year and that’s something we just can’t say about Brees lately although he’s not the one at fault. I don’t call him “Ol’ Reliable” for nothing, so don’t be surprised when Brees is top 5 in every valuable category at the end of this upcoming season.

2016 Projected Stats: 445-640 Completions (70%) for 4,630 Yards, 34 TDs & 13 INTs

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