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The NFL’s Top 5 Quarterbacks of 2016 (UHM Edition)

#2 Tom Brady – New England Patriots #12


2015 Stats: 402-624 Completions (64%) for 4,770 Yards, 36 TDs & 7 INTs

#2 on this years list is a man many consider to be the Greatest Quarterback of All-Time; he’s still playing but very much so actively in the conservation any time that it gets brought up. The #2 slot belongs to New England Patriots Quarterback TOM BRADY. 4-time Super Bowl Champion, 3-time Super Bowl MVP and 2-time NFL MVP are just a few of Brady’s more notable achievements in his lengthy NFL career. Entering into his 17th professional season, Brady is still as productive as ever; just look at his stats from last year. Brady ranked #1 among all QB’s with 36 Touchdowns, was 4th overall in QBR and finished 3rd in passing yards with 4,770 only behind Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. His 7 INTs was the lowest for any QB who threw for 30+ TDs and his completion percentage had him ranked 12th last season. A few things kept Brady out of the #1 spot this year; first, his accuracy on the deep ball has been on a steady decline the past few seasons. His numbers on passes 20 yards or more in the air have been nearly cut in half since his historic 2007 season, when he completed 32 such passes in 84 attempts for 1,245 yards, 11 touchdowns and eight picks (to Randy Moss of course). Brady finished just 30% last season on passes 20 yards or more down the field. Second, his current suspension. Brady is currently serving a four game suspension for “Deflategate”, where he reportedly had his equipment man/ball boy deflate the footballs below the league limit before his AFC Championship game with the Indianapolis Colts in 2014. Third is simple, Brady’s age. Brady is 39 years old and entering his 17th NFL season. As the saying goes “Father Time is undefeated”, so eventually we’ll see Brady’s numbers start to slowly decline. For the time being though, with the new addition of TE Martellus Bennett to allow the Patriots to run their potent two Tight End sets effectively again, expect Brady to come back ready to wreak havoc on the NFL this season.

2016 Projected Stats: 302-465 Completions (65%) for 3,625 Yards, 26 TDs & 9 INTs

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