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The NFL’s Top 5 Quarterbacks of 2016 (UHM Edition)

#1 Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers #12


2015 Stats: 347-572 Completions (61%) for 3,821 Yards, 31 TDs & 8 INTs

Was there ever any question or debate about who was going to be #1 on this years list? Like really? The #1 Quarterback in the NFL today is none other than that Baaaaad Man himself, Green Bay Packers Quarterback AARON RODGERS. I’m asked all the time why I feel that Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL and my answer is simple: “NO ONE CAN THROW THE BALL THE WAY THAT RODGERS DOES, PERIOD!”. Normally QBs have certain passes that they just aren’t that great at making, but when it comes to Rodgers that’s just not the case. He can literally make every type of throw; he can throw the ball across his body (which is an NFL no no), we’ve seen him throw balls with his opposite hand and he throws the on the run ball better than anybody in the NFL today. His ability to be running full speed to the right, directing receivers which way to get open before throwing a pinpoint accurate strike hitting the receiver right between the numbers is remarkable. Rodgers is coming off of what many consider a “down year” by “his” standards completing 61% of his passes for 3,821 yards, 31 TDs (top 10 among QBs) and 8 INTs without his #1 receiver Jordy Nelson who tore his ACL during the preseason. It’s amazing how those numbers above are considered a “down year” (LOL), I know a lot of teams that wish their QB could have an Aaron Rodgers down year. It’s normal for stats to drop when your #1 option isn’t available (just look at Brady’s 2013 stats without Gronk for 9 games (25 TDs to 11 INTs on 61% Completion Percentage)). Another thing that makes Rodgers stand out from the bunch is his decision making. He’s very cautious with the ball and never has many turnovers (INTs). In fact, his career TD-to-INT ratio is #1 in the history of the NFL at 4-to-1; That means Rodgers throws 4 TDs to every 1 INT for his entire career. Rodgers currently has 257 career TD passes to 65 career INTs in 8 seasons as a starter. If Rodgers continues on this path he’ll have 514 career TD passes to 130 INTs over his next 8 seasons which would crush ANYBODY’S TD-to-INT career ratio record with 500+ TDs. Peyton Manning has 251 career INTs, Brett Favre has 328, Drew Brees has 205 and even Dan Marino has 252, which shows you the pace Rodgers is on compared to these other Legends. With Jordy Nelson back at full health and Coach McCarthy back to calling the plays, I expect the Baaaad Man Aaron Rodgers to return to old form and possibly win the league MVP this year.

2016 Projected Stats: 391-588 Completions (66%) for 4,450 Yards, 37 TDs & 9 INTs

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