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Top 25 Urban Models On Instagram in 2016 | #instagrammies

Every man (and a lot of women) have that time in their life when they just want to look at Sexy, but finding all the sexy women on social media may be more work than you are willing to do so we have made it easy for you.  We have made this list of the top urban models on Instagram and titled it the instagrammies.

First, I must let you know that this list is powered by the new age incredible hulk (Dusse and Hpnotiq) and by powered by I mean that’s what we were drinking when we put this list together.  We will not disclose who all was responsible for the list because quite frankly we don’t want all the ladies who didn’t make the list to be yelling at us but just know that it was more than just the staff at UHM.

Now let’s get right to it.

#25 Yaris Sanchez

She got her start in modeling by being cast as a video vixen after moving to the US from the Dominican Republic. Since then she has continued to grind and perfect her craft.

Far from Heaven

A photo posted by Dalai Mama 🌶 (@yaris_sanchez) on


A photo posted by Dalai Mama 🌶 (@yaris_sanchez) on


A photo posted by Dalai Mama 🌶 (@yaris_sanchez) on