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Top 25 Urban Models On Instagram in 2016 | #instagrammies

#24 Chinkz

She is Trini and Chinese.  Do we really need to say anything else? She has a REAL 9 to 5 and is smart (DJ Khaled tone).  I want her…..I mean, you know, professionally; in the magazine.

BTS📸 @MrHQfilmz @Cclarkfotos1 @hiphopweeklymagazine @mediavision848 #Atl #Chinkz #HipHopWeekly

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Flawless 🔥💄Thank u 😍 @its_kendrabee #atlantamua

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#23 Krystal Parks

This fitness expert and self-proclaimed mompreneur have made a huge splash in the modeling world over the last year.  She is one of the few that have actually been able to use their social media success and turn it into success in her business.  We love Wild B

Pick one

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😳Caution✋🏽| Follow @tne.fantasygirlz

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Don’t forget… All I gotta do is show up 🙂✌🏽️#WildFever || PC: @kincordell

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Save yourself | K. Banks

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