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Week Six DFS Money Making Choices

Another week of Fantasy Football is among us and we have been on a winning spree lately just following our statics formula, but this week we didn’t like the way our picks looked when we ran our statistics so we made a few changes.  Don’t worry we will tell you who the stats say to pick before we just throw out our opinion.


Let’s get it going with quarterbacks like always.  Statistically speaking Marcus Mariota is the quarterback to choose this week.  It might not be a half bad pick. He is inexpensive, going against the Cleveland Browns (who suck against the pass by the way) and he is giving pretty close to 17 points per game normally so it’s not hard to imagine that he will give you 20+ points this game.  The pick will free up your money a little too so you can afford some big money picks in other categories.  If you are just not feeling him then you might try Big Ben this week.  He is going against a not so good Miami team and should be able to accumulate big points this week.


On paper, Green Bay has one of the best run defenses in the league but our insider, Daniel Mays (One of Green Bay’s Biggest Fans) has told us “Don’t Believe The Hype”.  According to Daniel, Green Bay’s run defense is not that good and you should not be scared to select Ezekiel Elliott this week.  I’m not sure how much I believe Daniel though because he picked Todd Gurley this week to start at Running Back against the Seattle defense. Let’s see how that works out for him.  Statistically, the Darren Sproles of the Eagles is a great choice for the running back position and Carlos Hyde even popped up on our computer after running the numbers.  I’m not a big Carlos Hyde fan but hey I guess I gotta trust the numbers, right.


For the first time this year, we are going to pick Antonio Brown. He always scores points but with Sammie Coates possibly being out, Big Ben will probably look to Brown more often.  It’s hard to accept picking someone who is as expensive as Brown is but with the Mariota pick and maybe a cheaper choice at running back, you will be able to afford him.  Another good selection is Cole Beasley for the Dallas Cowboys who has consistently been having good games.  Over 13 points per game so far and he has been one of Dak Prescot’s favorite players to target on third down.  This may be his breakout game.  I think New Orleans is going to have to score a lot of points to keep up with Carolina so this may be a good week to pick W. Snead or even M. Thomas.  They should both earn double-digit points this week.


My tight end pick is simple this week. Delanie Walker.  Tennessee is playing Cleveland and who do you think Mariota is going to target in the red zone.  Enough Said! Travis Kelcie is not a bad pick this week either but I’m sticking with Walker.


Ok, Our two experts have picked the same game for the kicker but opposite teams.  Mike Nugent or Stephen Gostkowski.  Gostkowski has been struggling this year but he is expected to turn things around and go back to the superb kicker that he normally is.


Arizona and Buffalo are two great picks this week.  Both teams have a chance to score double digits this week.