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Who is Blessed Sinner? New Artist Alert

Up and coming Hip Hop Artist Blessed Sinner from Dallas, Tx has sparked a buzz. From his powerful shows to his lyrical bars, I had to have a one on one to hear his story.


Q- Blessed Sinner where are you from and what does YNAGM stand for in your name?

Blessed Sinner- Im a Dallas native from (Singing Hills) Oak Cliff, Tx. Ynagm stands for (young nation always get money) my name is blessed sinne’r ynagm is the family. That’s just for Facebook.

Q- Recently you have been buzzing on the Internet with new freestyles and shows around The city. When did you decide you wanted to Pursue music?

Blessed Sinner- I decided when I came to a cross road with doing what I love and doing what’s required in life. My first freestyle/pmix (playamix) was a surprise for me. I didn’t think I would get a lot of recognition from it. It led me to some real ones and they blessed my game with my producers at soundmasters studios. Its been nothing but love ever since. Its still some spots in the city I want to do a show at but the whole city needs to know not just my section. Ever since my first show the road of my muzik only gets longer and I’m loving it. Its my dream!!!

Q- Who are your musical motivators/inspirations in the game now?

Blessed Sinner- Me being an underdawg I support and love underdawg/slept on artists. I’m a 80’s baby so I’m Ol skool to the heart. Love being from Texas so all Texas artists from the early 90’s I’m a fan of. As of now though Big Krit is my favorite artist then Kevin Gates, Nipsey Hussle, Starlito, Don Trip, the old T.I., Spodee, Skooley and a lot more than that tho. Any artists that’s independent and making a name for themselves and not sounding fabricated I salute. But from my city tho…..Jason Lyric, Seven The Great, Gator Maine, QueP, Bino, GBody ,KingPat, and many more that make the city look solid.

Q- How did you feel when you first heard yourself on a track?

Blessed Sinner- My first track I did was a pmix to Big Krit instrumental called “kuntry folk” it was on an instrumental tape he released that no one recognized! It startled me that no one from the south was killing these beats. I did a cover to UGK’s “murda” track but couldn’t get the beat. So when I listened to Krit’s beat I had no choice but to go in an respect that mans beat. It turnt me up because the edits on the track weren’t even from me, they were from my producer Texasboy. It amazed me to come out the booth and hear my self. Didn’t like my voice at all until I put it in my radio to listen. Then I knew I had my own lane.

Q- It is said that Dallas Artist are often overlooked. What is your view on the Dallas Music scene?

Blessed Sinner-It is true a lot of artists from the city are over looked and I’m cool with a lot of em. Hell I feel I’m one myself. Since I’ve started my muzik I’ve seen some real love and some fake at the same time and it hurts. What heals the pain is the unity that’s coming with it. I’ve interacted with artists from all over the metroplex and it gives me confidence. I told Seven The Great that i wanted to be a link in the unity that Dallas Texas needs. Not too long ago he told me on the phone “Lil bro we doin what they thought we couldn’t do….bring that unity”. That was one of my goals and it’s  becoming a reality. I’m loving how the city is turning out. In a few….we will be as powerful as we are and supposed to be.

Q- In your “Lil Bro” freestyle you said “you’re bringing the real back to the city”. What do you mean by that statement.?Has the city lost it?

Blessed Sinner-When I did that pmix I was on one lol. It got to a point of frustrated thoughts that put me in the booth. It was a few kats had they panties on about that track lmao. I didn’t pay it any mind tho because it wasn’t directed towards them. When I said that I was bringing the real back I meant as a me being real to myself. It some Dallas artists that do what other city’s do and say what other city’s say. For the longest I heard other Lingo’s from other city’s in my city and it pissed me off kuz people were acting like we don’t have our own lingo. Plus I see promoters get out of town artists to come and get a check out of us but they won’t pay the up and coming artist that will really give them a show!!! Now we do have some artists that kan kill a show and will put on for the D! But that’s it….that’s all they do. When u win you pass it down to the ones who still take a lot of losses. That’s real to me. You cant be a boss and not put your people in position. That’s the goal I have. I wanna get to where I dreamed to be so my family can be where we are supposed to be.

Q- What are you working on now? And where do you see yourself in 5years.?

Blessed Sinner- Right now I’m working on my EP. I just finished my first tape called “my own lane vol.1” I want to start a trend with my story and not just be another trap rapper. After the EP I won’t put titles on my muzik. I won’t call them tapes or EP……I just want to hear people say “bihhh u got that new blessed sinne’r” lmao. I’ll just keep recording until the casket drop and I’ll be making more original muzik than freestyles/pmix. I’ve found myself in the studio so now I’ll give you my story. In five years I see my self smiling from my accomplishments. I know its going to be a rough road in my own lane. Its my lane though so I’ll decide where it takes me too. Even if I’m still and independent artists with hard copies…….I bet I’ll have the whole nation wanting them.

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