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Win Some Money With Our One Day Fantasy League Picks

Ladies and Gentlemen the 2016-2017 football season is among us and once again it is time to play daily fantasy football for a chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Let me just first address that lawmakers are quickly trying to make one-day fantasy football sites extinct and if you want to see it stay around you need to ensure that you contact your lawmakers and let them know how you feel. A link to email lawmakers can be found on both Fanduel and Draft Kings sites.

So let’s jump right to it.  First, let me remind you that this is week one and we don’t have any trends to fall back on.  We are making a lot of assumptions based on last year stats and what we have seen in pre-season but we are professionals (at least that is what we keep trying to convince ourselves about.

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As we mentioned in our preseason fantasy selection article, Aaron Rodgers is at the top of the list and is probably a safe bet, however, winning in 1-week fantasy football doesn’t always come from safe bets so let’s talk about a few surprise picks that might help you stack up in other positions.

First, Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys is available for dirt cheap.  At $5,000 he may be the best pick of week 1.  It is risky because he is a rookie and the Giants have spent millions of dollars trying to secure a better defense but I haven’t seen anything in the preseason to make me think that this defense will be much better than the past few seasons.  Prescott may not be the top points earner this week but at his price take the points he gives you and stack up at other positions.

Using the same logic, Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles may be a great choice as well.  He will be the starting quarterback of an Eagles team that is known for racking up points.

If you are looking for someone who is not at the bottom of the barrel then you might want to try Tyrod Taylor from Buffalo.  He is only $7,200 which will still leave you some room to stack up at another position and Tyrod should score points against a Baltimore defense that is not what it use to be.


If you decided to go with Prescott or Wentz then you have enough money to go after a top running back like Adrian Peterson.  But you still probably want to go after a cheap second running back so I have 2 names for you.

Latavius Murray of Oakland is only $6,600 on Fanduel and will produce points this week.

Rashad Jenkins is even cheaper at $6,000 and with half of the Cowboys defensive lineman on suspension for 4 weeks you can expect for the Giants to eat up chunks of yards on the ground.


Again if you took our advice and took Prescott or Wentz then you can probably afford to get 2 of the top WR’s our suggestion is Becham Jr and Julio Jones.  If you need a cheaper option that will still score points, pick up DeAndre Hopkins he should score similar points and he is about a thousand dollars less.  Amari Cooper from Oakland is also a great choice and we know that the Oakland vs New Orleans should be a high scoring game so he should definitely score points.


Anybody from our Top 5 TE list is good here but since Daniel left Jason Witten off the list I will add him here.  Jason Witten will be Prescott’s security blanket and he looked great in the preseason.


It’s hard to pick a good kicker this early in the season but since I expect the Oakland vs New Orleans to be a high scoring game one of their kickers and my pick is Janikowski. 


Ok, so our choice for a defense is split.  If you used the players that we suggested you will not be able to get some of the top defenses so we are looking for a defense around $4,500.  I say that defense is Buffalo because they are playing the Ravens and I don’t have any faith in the Baltimore offense. Daniel on the other  chose the Rams because quite frankly, San Francisco’s offense is horrible.  So you decide and we will see who is right when this is all said and done.